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These days more and more people are choosing to work from home as it helps reduce peoples travel times and costs. The home office concept has been around for well over a decade however in recent years we have started to see more and more home owners create dedicated office spaces in their gardens.

Traditionally home owners would convert a spare bedroom into a home office. This approach is still used however many are experiencing the limitations of such conversions, for example the lack of flexibility. A dedicated space in the garden not only helps separate work from home but also allows home owners to create a space that is designed specifically for their work.

Garden Office

Bar Area

Many of us love to entertain guests on a regular basis and what better way is there to do that than with a home bar area. The advantage of having a bar area in your garden is that when it is summer you can open your garden room up and enjoy the sun while closing it off in the winter to keep out the cold. They offer both flexibility and glamour to your home and are becoming increasingly popular.

Man Cave

Music or Photo Studio

Garden spaces are usually exposed to good levels of natural sunlight which makes them great for photographic studios. Gardens are also tranquil places and provide inspiration for artists alike. With a dedicated space photographers can create a custom setup that suits their needs. This is very important in photography and helps provide a more professional perception to clients.

Children’s Playroom

Children can take up a lot of space and in a small home space for toys and accessories can become limited. There are a number of innovative storage solutions on the market however a dedicated play area is an appealing option for parents. This is because they can design them to be completely child friendly and have somewhere where their kids can go and play in safety. Children also like to be outside which is why the garden room idea has become popular.

Play Room

Garden Lounge

When you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life and relax, the ideal retreat could be a purpose built lounge in your garden. Many, have raved about these as they are much quieter than lounge areas in the home.

Garden rooms are undoubtedly a great solution for people looking to expand their homes and have many uses. If you are considering building a garden room then there are several things to review including planning permission. Sites such as this provide some great resources on planning and there are many great companies out there putting together some really high end structures.

garden lounge
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