Foundation Options

The cost of the foundation is included in our price – we just ask that you ensure the ground is clear of All debris. 

Ground screws are perfect for the installation of garden rooms of all shapes and sizes. Some of the benefits include: Minimum impact to your garden. No heavy machinery used. Safe, robust, and uncomplicated. Flexible and efficient. Unbeatable installation times. Concrete-free innovation. No digging, No excavation, No wet trades. No curing time

Screw Foundation
Joisted Floor

Why a Concrete Base?

A raft foundation spreads the weight of the building over the whole ground floor area of that building. The raft is laid on a hard-core, or scalping bed and usually thickened at the edges, especially in very poor ground. Rafts are most suitable when the ground is of good load bearing capacity and it is required to get a solid foundation.

Concrete Base

Some Companies use a plastic base and although they are cheaper, we know concrete will last. Raft Foundations are built as these following steps: Dependent on soil conditions. 
The soil removed down to a level depth approx 200mm.
100mm of scalpings top off with sand the foundation bed is then compacted.
1000Gauge DPM membrane is laid.
Followed by 100-150mm of concrete.
A gravel border of between 300-500mm will help prevent rain spash onto the walls and prolongs the buildings life.



Concrete Base