Music Studios

If you’d like to create the perfect environment in which to play or record live music we have the expertise to create buildings with outstanding acoustic performance. Our garden music rooms are ideal for:

  • Music teachers
  • Professional musicians
  • Music producers and technicians
  • Aspiring bands and artistes
  • Audiophiles or serious music enthusiasts

A garden music studio provides you with a dedicated space in which to make music, freeing up precious room in your home that would normally be taken up by instruments and other musical equipment. Alternatively, it can save you money on studio rental costs and travel. If you’re a peripatetic music teacher, for example, imagine having the perfect space where students could come for lessons rather than you going to them.

Garden Music Studio

A Controlled Atmosphere For Your Instruments

You’ll find our garden music rooms maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Special insulation panels help keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. We can also offer full climate control that enables you to heat, cool and control the humidity of your garden music room so you can keep your instruments in peak performance. 

Whatever you wish to achieve, you’ll find that My Garden Room staff have the expertise to make it happen and you can expect total attention to detail from design through to completion