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My Garden Room Weybridge

Every person in our team is a professional and trained by MGR to give their best effort to our clients and to treat neighbours and their properties with respect always having their best interests in mind. We want to know that our clients are going to be delighted with our work and service and feel confident to recommend us to family and friends which is surely the only way a company can truly grow. We honour timelines and promises, to ensure minimal disruption to our clients.

There are many usage needs for garden rooms and this is the reason we feel bespoke design and build is the best option. As an example, a garden office will require a different specification to say a garden gym or a garden annex. It is now increasingly common for people to work from home reducing travel times and costs. The home office concept has been around for many years and more recently we have started to see more and more home owners create dedicated garden rooms for this purpose as opposed to mixing business and family life. Converting bedrooms into offices is now becoming a thing of the past and having a garden office allows you to keep it separate, and self-contained. In addition, the room can be designed for maximum efficiency.

Our Website shows examples of what can be achieved in both design finishes.

My garden Room Weybridge offer a choice of top rated materials in our product range we use proven methods of construction, built to last, low maintenance is our objective. For example, we use Ruberoid or fibreglass roofing and best rated insulation. Your proposed garden room will be designed with you to suit your needs. Custom built to fit almost anywhere, we offer the perfect solution for increasing your living are without the inconvenience as can be with traditional home extension works.

As we are a family company we offer a more personalised service designed to give you the customer a tailor-made product to suite your requirements, if you use us you can feel confident you will be getting top end product and service, for your new garden office, gym or studio.

It is becoming increasingly popular to entertain from home, especially in the summertime what better way than to have an outdoor lounge, or even bar which can also be heated winter time as an outdoor retreat without having to travel, for hours wasting valuable leisure time

My Garden Room Weybridge, offer you the complete all in specialist service for outdoor garden buildings, we carry out all works including plumbing, electrical and decorating. With us you will be working with a company that has only your best interests in mind. Our management and teams have had many experience in the home build market, in loft conversions, extensions and now garden rooms

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