The Block-Built Option

The issue of whether to build with masonry or timber frame is a hot topic the difference lies in the fact that timber frame houses can be prefabricated off site, which means that there are many specialist timber frame manufacturers who cater directly to self-builders.

Block Built

Timber frame is of course cheaper but in our opinion, can end up costing more if it doesn’t last as long as block-work built. Block-work has several benefits. For a start, it offers higher levels of thermal mass and, when well insulated, is very energy efficient, it’s also a well-understood system, strong and built to last. But perhaps most of all, advocates of masonry enjoy the inherent sense of solidity and soundproofing that the material offers.

Block Built 2

Fast & effective on site build method
Structural strength
Expected life exceeding 60 years
High U values
Fire resistant performance
Low Maintenance
Acoustic performance
Consistent thermal performance