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Is a family company who are bespoke garden room specialists catering for all your requirements. Such as a garden gym, garden office, garden annex, garden workshop even a garden studio. My Garden Rooms Surrey design and build custom, quality, garden rooms.

My Garden Room Surrey, specialise in Light gauge extruded steel frames, SIPs Panel and block-built garden rooms, we carry out all required work including plumbing, electrical and decorating. Work with us and you will be working with a team that has your best interests in mind. Our management and personnel have had over 20 years’ experience in the building industry, specialising in lofts conversions, extensions and now garden rooms.

How To Choose A Garden Room Supplier

To be fair and objective we have visited other manufacturers and suppliers and the majority of them offer good products at a reasonable price we just want to highlight the beneficial options available to you if you choose to use M.G.R.

From the start your design consultant is at your disposal to deal with any queries you may have and will welcome your calls to deal with any issues, or questions  as your project progresses.

We’re a family business and to us that includes our customers.

Garden Room

My Garden Room Ltd

We Offer a complete and personal tailor-made service. We Custom Design each and every room we build. It’s your dream, and your vision we want to achieve not to try and convince you to buy into someone else’s.

From start to finish it’s about you the customer we don’t expect you to buy from a computer we send an experienced design consultant at no cost to you, to listen, and help come up with the design, shape and size that’s right for you.


Unlike most Garden Room companies, we offer a choice of materials and finishes only possible with bespoke design and build. M.G.R offer you Block-built or SIPs design options, and a choice of external finishes, and we will advise you the type best suited to your needs and requirements. 
When we have completed our initial consultation, we want to feel assured that your 100% satisfied with the proposed design and quality, knowing that if you use our company you will not need to call us back on remedials as the materials and labour that we use are only the best.

Our rooms are built on site with nothing hidden, by one of our highly experienced local teams who are on the project from the start until its finished. Before the project starts you will meet your team leader, and you will know the names of each team member offering you a truly personal experience. Not relying on faceless people on a factory floor who you will never meet.

Block Built Garden Room


Local Viewings Available

To Assist You In Making A Decision M.G.R Would Be Only To Please To Arrange A Viewing At One Of Our Completed Projects. Where Possible We Will Try To Arrange A Viewing That’s Close To Your Proposed Design And Finish. Many Of Our Past Clients Are Only To Please To Allow This, As It Gives Them The Opportunity To Show With Pride There Garden Room.

Our Expert Team

When you work with us, you work with a team that has your best interests in mind. Our management and personnel have had many years’ experience in the building industry, and have specialized in lofts conversions and extensions for over 20 years.

Garden Room Team

M.G.R only build top quality garden rooms using tried and tested methods of construction, long lasting materials, zero maintenance is our motto. For this reason, we use fibreglass roofing and top-level insulation materials. Your proposed garden room will be designed with you to suit your needs. Tailored to fit any space, we offer the perfect solution for expanding your home and increasing its value. Every member of our team is a dedicated professional who has been trained by MGR. To only give their best, to treat clients and neighbours and their properties with respect and always have their best interests in mind.

We know and understand the only way our company will grow and to obtain recommendations is to deliver only the best garden room building service, quality, and reliability. And that means honouring, where possible timelines and keeping to things we promise. There are many types of garden room designs and materials available and we can advise the type best suited to your needs as a garden office may need a completely different design to say a garden gym or a garden annex. Nowadays more and more people are working from home as it helps reduce peoples travel times and costs.

The home garden office concept has been around for well over a decade. However, in recent years we have started to see more and more home owners create dedicated garden rooms for many uses even extra living accommodation. Traditionally home owners would convert a spare bedroom into a home office. This approach is still used however many are experiencing the limitations of such conversions, for example the lack of flexibility. A dedicated garden office in the garden not only helps separate work from home but also allows home owners to create a space that is designed specifically for their work.

Many of us love to entertain guests so how about a garden lounge or home bar area. when it is summer you can open your garden room up and enjoy the sun while closing it off in the winter to keep out the cold. They offer both flexibility and glamour to your home and are becoming increasingly popular

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